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Scrub & Go – compact, portable, hand-held scrub brush


Scrub & Go is a compact, portable, hand-held scrub brush that’s meant to be used to clean dirt off a wide variety of indoor or outdoor objects, such as tubs, showers, and motorized vehicles. It comes with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, and it’s stated that the device will run for up to 40 consecutive minutes after a single charge. Aside from the powerful scrubbing head, you’ll also get three other interchangeable heads to help you with your cleaning needs.

How It Works
When you turn on your Scrub & Go with the power button, its powerful super-scrub brush will begin to deliver almost 300 scrubs per minute to any mess. Its power will penetrate deep beneath the surface of each mess and lift it off the surface that it’s soiling, without the use of any chemicals. Once you’re done using the brush for a few minutes, all you’ll typically need to do is wipe away the lifted-off mess with a damp cloth. If it’s not scrubbing, but dusting, buffing or polishing you need to do, you’ll be able to turn off the device, remove the super-scrub head and add one of the other three included heads. You’ll also receive two plastic adapters with each tool—a larger one to be attached along with the largest (microfiber) head, and a smaller one to be attached along with the other three heads.

The Scrub & Go cleaning device is only about the size of a standard iron (perhaps a bit smaller than some) and weighs only two pounds. Therefore, most users will be able to carry it from place to place, in and around the home, in just one hand. It also won’t take up a great deal of storage space in your home, or even in your vehicle, when you’re not using it.

As mentioned, this device can be carried around, and since it’s battery-operated, you won’t need to worry about dragging an extension cord around with you. However, a small cord is included with each one, which you’ll need to use when it comes time to recharge the battery by plugging it into electricity.

Blue and White
This particular tool is blue and white, a color combination that tends to be attractive, especially if you decide to store it in your kitchen or bathroom when it’s not in use.

For Various Surfaces
The Scrub & Go tool will be able to remove messes from virtually any type of surface that’s commonly found in the home or yard, such as wood, tile, metal, or glass. Even if you’re using the super-scrubber head, it’ll be gentle enough on the glass it comes in contact with that it won’t cause any damage. That means you’ll be able to use the tool to clean interior and exterior windows, and bathroom mirrors, too.
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