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General Questions

Placing an order is easy. Simply select your currency from the country flags at the top of the website and just click on the buy or add to cart button on any product and follow the simple step-by-step process through to checkout. Please note that Chinese customers can only order from the CN site.

If you’ve not already registered with us, you will need to create a new login. To do this, you will need to enter your email address and to create a unique password to access your account.

If you prefer not to order online, or have problems with online checkout, you can contact us by phone and place the order with one of our customer service team direct by calling +8613288888570

No, all prices on our website are exclusive of VAT.

We have an everyday low pricing policy and we always keep a close eye on other online shopping sites to ensure our prices are always competitive. It is inevitable, however, that in such a dynamic market as the internet, there will be some shopping sites promoting  products cheaper than we do, as well as some sites which sell our products for more than we do.

We cannot always price match, but we can guarantee that you will always receive genuine  products, along with specialised product-specific customer service and a free 30-day money back guarantee with every purchase.

After you’ve completed checkout, you’ll be sent an email to confirm that we have received your order. Within 48 hours you should receive a second email, to confirm that your order has been prepared and made ready for dispatch.

If a product is out of stock you can request an email notification to let you know when we have new stock available.

Specific Questions

If your order less than 1000pcs, you need to buy 1000pcs color box and ofcause you can keep the rest of the box if you want. There has no setup charge if your order over 1000pcs.

We accept bank transfer to our USD account or RMB account. You can also pay online via PayPal and Trade assurance by Alibaba.com

If you are a regular customer, you can choose for us to save your card and debit card details. This will make it much quicker for you to purchase items in the future. However, if you choose not to have your card details saved, they will be deleted once your transaction has been completed.

Please check your card details in your account to make sure the information is correct, e.g. the expiry date or your billing address.
Make sure that you enter the security code correctly - the three digit number on the back of your card.
Your payment may have been declined by your bank - please check this with your bank.
If you've checked all of the above, we suggest you try paying with another card.

We provide free shipping if you have a shipping agent in Yiwu China.

Only $0.75/kg for other cities in China.