900W Mini Portable Electric Heater Fan Air Warmer Fireplace Flame Heater Remote Control

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– Convenient Remote Control.
– Energy saving, and super quiet.
– PTC ceramic heating technology.
– Built-in Adjustable Thermostat and On/Off Timer.
– Small, light and easy to use, just plug it into the socket.
– Great for Travel.Use it at home or on the travel conveniently.
– High electrothermal conversion rate, rapid heating-up and uniform heating.
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Name: 900W Electric Heater Fan Fireplace Flame Timer
Model: A84966
Plug: EU Plug
Color: Black
Material: ABS
Voltage: 220V
Power: 900W
Size: 10.2×6.5×17.8cm (4×2.6×7″)
Timer: 1~12 hours
Temperature setting: 15°C~32°C
– Convenient Remote Control.
– Energy saving, and super quiet.
– PTC ceramic heating technology.
– Built-in Adjustable Thermostat and On/Off Timer.
– Small, light and easy to use, just plug it into the socket.
– Great for Travel.Use it at home or on the travel conveniently.
– High electrothermal conversion rate, rapid heating-up and uniform heating.
Flame Heater has an integrated timer that allows the automatic heating of the heater when it reaches the set time
1.While Flame Heater is on, press the “timer” button to activate the timer.
2. The button sets the time the heater will automatically (urn off.Press +/-to set the closing time, you can choose 1 to 12 hours.
3. when the desired time is reached, do not press anymore.
4. Cancel the time, you can set the automatic shutdown hours to 00.
[Remote Control]
1.+/-: temperature regulation
2.Speed: speed regulation between HIGH (fast)and LOW (slow)
3.Timer: Press the TIMER button to set the time the heater wiU auto巾atically turn off.
Press +/- to set the closing time hours, timing range (1-12 hours)
Remote control with CR2025 battery (NOT include)
Package Included:
1 x Mini Flame Heater Fan
1 x Remote Control(Batteries NOT included)
1 x English manual


Flame Heater

Reviews (20)

20 reviews for 900W Mini Portable Electric Heater Fan Air Warmer Fireplace Flame Heater Remote Control

  1. Derek W

    Great little heater , just what i have been looking for , the flame concept is awesome , works great , love the remote !

  2. Analiza Delaney

    This little heater is perfect. It doesn’t get super cold here, but it has been a bit chilly lately and this heater has been helping a lot. It’s small but packs a lot of heat. It’s also nice to look at; I love the fake fireplace feature.

  3. Christopher C.

    This is a really nice little space heater, and it puts off a lot more heat than you would think for something this small. I have a sunroom off the back of my house that was converted from a deck, and while the walls ARE insulated the central heating and air do not run out there. I purchased this for the winter time so that we can watch the TV out there even even it gets cold and this little thing is a worker. It puts out heat pretty much immediately once you get the temperature dialed in and it moves around quite a bit of air on the high setting.

    One thing to be wary of is that the fan on this thing is petty loud. See my video taken with my LG G7. It’s not so loud that you can’t hear the TV over it but you definitely know that it’s there. The other downside is that the temperature setting on top is only in Celsius, it would have been nice if you could switch it to Fahrenheit.

    Other than those two quirks this is an awesome little space heater.

  4. Paul Sisk

    Holy cow this thing is awesome! It emits so much heat and warmth and is absolutely adorable. I may get another one for a family gift.

  5. Annie

    Just bought this cute and affordable little heater for my teenager’s finished attic bedroom and she absolutely loves it. So easy, just got it in the mail, flipped the prongs and plugged it right it. She set it herself and loves that it comes with a remote! Highly recommend! 🙂

  6. Karedise Christian

    Super great heater! ♨️Has different fan speeds in different temperatures. Very versatile. Small and compact but throws off a lot of heat.♨️

  7. telulabell

    I bought this for my office desk area. I like that it heats up the space very fast. I would definitely recommend this.

  8. Dalton

    Its cute little space heater. The fire place looks beautiful. It doesn’t take much more space than other heaters. Price is affordable. It comes with a small remote control. You can adjust the temperature and auto timer also. Packaging was great and instructions are very clear.

  9. leonor

    I absolutely LOVE this little heater!!! Omg and the design of it is beautiful! It heats up my bedroom wonderfully. And what really attracted me to purchasing it is the fact of the fireplace display on front and when you plug it up, it’s burning like a real fireplace. I sooooo love this heater. Also love that it comes with a remote. I’ve been setting the timer to cut off at a certain point in the night and so when I wake up in the morning, it has gotten back chilly in the room and it’s so nice to not have to get out of the bed to turn the heater back on. I keep the remote on my headboard and I don’t have to get out of bed to turn the heater back on. Love this wonderful heater. I would recommend it to anyone!!!

  10. Aerosyn-Lex Mestrovic

    My son’s room gets cold at night since we close the door to keep it quiet. We have heating but don’t want to have to turn it on for the whole house. We also have a larger heater, but that one seems a little overkill. Decided to get this portable one, and it works great! You can adjust low or high heat and the temperature goes up to 95 degrees F. It gets pretty warm. I’m surprised considering it’s size. It even comes with a remote control and has a timer. Love that it’s portable so I can take it to the bathroom for showers. Great little heater. Do wish it was a little quieter, but I haven’t found any heaters that are quiet except for the dish ones.

  11. D-Dub

    This little hearer plugs right into the wall. That is a good safety thing. It can rotate to accommodate your outlets.
    It is smaller than expected but the picture in the ad was accurate so that was just my original thought.
    I think this will be great under my desk to heat my feet.
    I would like it without the faux flames as I don’t plan to have it be a focal point.

  12. kyle

    I love this product there’s very good however it does take a little longer for the heat a bigger room but it does very good job highly recommended


    Trying to save on our heater bill, this little thing helps with that. It really does heat up the area pretty well! N its extremely cute little fireplace right inside my room.

  14. Susana

    It’s so small and looks sooo nice! It works well and has a convenient little remote. The fire effects is a nice touch, it is a bit noisy but as are most heaters.

    After some use I will admit the remote does not work well, I am only 3ft away from it and it’s like I’m out of range if it still. It works if I move closer but by that point I might as well use the buttons it had sense it got me out of my bed

  15. Melissa

    The unit works great!! Perfect for a cubicle. The fireplace display makes it warm and cozy. The customer service is on point! I absolutely recommend this heater or any product from this company. Buy it!

  16. Brooklyn

    This is a really neat little plug in heater. It does not take up much space and it is nice that it can be plugged in because it saves space. The display screen is different than usual space heaters, it’s nice. It is a tad on the loud side but you get used to it. The remote works well, it is responsive, no need to keep pushing buttons to get it to work. This heater works great for me, I use it at work. I have a plug in beside my desk and I use it there, it keeps my lower legs and feet toasty.

  17. Ernesto Barreto

    This little heater is perfect for my small cubicle . I had a bigger space heater but it took up extra room that I just didn’t have To spare. This just plugs into an outlet. It puts out a lot more heat then you would think.

  18. DeBomb11

    I couldn’t wait. This is awesome. It is so cold today and my daughter put this in her room as soon as she got it. Within minutes it was already starting to take the chill away. And it is cute. A little loud but she can live with it.


    I really like how low key and small this heater is! It’s nice having just a little box on the wall, opposed to a massive space heater on my floor in my cramped dorm room. I also am lazy so I truely appreciate the remote!

  20. Kristy

    Works exactly how I need it to. I purchased in advance for the winter but I did not want to spend $300 on a space heater again. I wanted a small and practical one but able to keep a constant temperature in the specific place where I am. Amazingly, this one fits the bill. I highly recommend this heater.

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