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Anti Snoring Device – Snore Stopper with 8 Nose Vents and Travel Case Kit


  • EXPERIENCE BETTER SLEEP WITH Sleepease: Ever want a way to tune out all the snoring noises around you? Well, now you can. Sleepease Anti Snoring device is scientifically designed for maximum airflow through nasal passages to help improve nose breathing and promotes better sleep
  • NEW & IMPROVED DESIGN: Sleepease has the most amazing, upgraded newly designed snore stoppers that are made with FDA approved medical grade silicone that is very comfortable to use and virtually invisible to others
  • FITS PERFECTLY: Our snore aids work best for men and women of all ages and we also offer a variety of sizes and nose vent styles so no more worries about the vents slipping away, we ensure that you have maximum comfort even while you’re asleep
  • BRING SLEEPEASE EVERYWHERE: Our noise-canceling solution kit comes with a compact travel case so you can sleep better at night no matter wherever you are


DO YOU SNORE? Has your partner, family, and friends teased you for your loud honking and huffing while you’re asleep? Have you ever wondered how you can help yourself and your loved ones to reduce and prevent snoring?

WELL, YOU’VE ALREADY FOUND THE SOLUTION! Sleepease Anti Snoring device is designed for men and women of all ages that comes with 8 Nasal Dilators with different sizes to find that perfect fit for you and for the whole family!

FORGET ABOUT THE CHIN STRAPS that will make your face feel stuffy, no more nasal strips and whatever machine masks to get you to stop snoring, Sleepease nasal vents is the way to go!

Sleepease snore stoppers are FDA approved and are made with the best medical grade silicone meaning you can depend on it and save your money by reusing it for a long time! It is safe and durable, just wash it with soap and warm water.

TAKE IT WHEREVER YOU GO – FREE compact case for your convenience, so you can bring it whether you’re traveling for work, going on a vacation or you’re planning to go out for an overnight at your best friend’s house, you’d better not honk!

WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? Go ahead and click that ADD TO CART button and we GUARANTEE you that Sleepease will reduce and prevent that annoying snore problem that you have because we know our products have the best quality out there in the market and they will last a long time!

Rest assured that we care about your satisfaction, so if you have any product issues – we’re very happy to either provide you a 30-day money back guarantee, no questions asked or a replacement!


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