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  • PATCH large holes, cracks, gaps and tears! BOND together almost any objects! SEAL out water, air and moisture! REPAIR virtually everything!
  • Specially formulated with a thick, flexible, rubberized backing that conforms to any shape or object
  • Can be applied hot or cold, wet or dry… even underwater!
  • UV resistant, environmentally friendly, VOC-free and has a wide temperature range so it can be used in extreme weather conditions
  • Extra wide (4”, 8” & 12”) to quickly cover large cracks, gaps and holes
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Crystal Clear Gorilla Tape features the adhesive strength of Gorilla Tape†, in a crystal clear tape that does not yellow outdoors. Made with a heavy duty adhesive layer and waterproof backing for extreme durability. This tape is UV and temperature resistant – great for projects and repairs both indoors and out. Crystal Clear Gorilla Tape can be applied to wet surfaces and also works under water.



Gorrila Tape

Reviews (22)


  1. Sandmit

    This clear tape is a must have for any area of the home. You can mend anything from window screen to inflateable pool toys. I bought it to mend some screens and it works great. They recommend putting it on both sides of screen but I only have it on one side far so good through a tropical storm even. The tape is super heavy and the adhesive is very sticky. My only wish is that it came in a cutter package instead of a plain roll of tape. I’m sure I will find many repairs around here to use this tape on.

  2. ken

    I’ll admit, when I first saw clear duct tape, I scratched my head. What applications could possible call for clear duct tape? Well, it took a few months to find the right use cases; however, I can now say that clear duct tape has a permanent place in my supply closet! Basically, this tape is a thick version of packaging tape. The best part is that it’s easy to remove and generally leaves no residue (even after 1+ month of adhesion). I’ve found this tape useful for sticking things to windows (e.g., Christmas lights) and affixing computer cables to various surfaces. I trust there are many more use cases which was part of the fun of owning this stuff.

  3. T-Bo

    We keep the Gorilla Repair Tape in our camper, tool box, and the kitchen junk drawer. It is useful for any emergency repair we have ever tried it on, including wardrobe malfunctions. This tape has saved us many, many times and is now our 1st go to remedy when something goes wrong. This tape is a life line when camping especially! We have used it on canvas, plastic, metal, screen, and I am sure many more that I can’t recall, and have always been so thankful we keep the Gorilla Tape on hand. Give it a try and I bet you will wonder how you have survived without it for so long.

  4. Jewel :)

    I LOVE this new clear repair tape. At least I think it’s new. It’s new to me!!!

    It’s super strong, but completely transparent. I used it a TON this Christmas for odd tape jobs, or wrapping paper that scotch tape wouldn’t adhere to, etc..

    I also use it for many jobs that I would have used duct tape (or normal Gorilla tape), but would have been a bit turned off by covering up what I was taping. This works wonders.

    I just wish it was a little cheaper, otherwise I’d use it exclusively for all my taping needs!

  5. Shop525Girl

    This works exactly as described. I used it to repair a ripped vinyl tarp and I used to tape a tube to a hose and use as a siphon to clean out hot tubs. Definitely 5 stars. To the reviewers who tried to use this as a permanent solution then gave it a bad review; boo on you. You can’t tape an inflatable raft with this then pretend nothing happened. But if you pull your raft out for the first time this year and find a small hole; go for it. Just know you do need to replace the raft before next year. It is repair tape; not make it new like nothing ever wrong happened tape.

  6. Paulsur

    This tape is definitely not what it’s cracked out to be. It says it’s the strongest tape ever, will stick on anything, Etc. I found that out to be not true. It’s sticks for a short period of time but in the winter and the summer it tends to come off. Kind of expensive, there is not a lot on the roll. I probably would not purchase it again

  7. R. Frantz

    I used this to repair a broken window on my bimini top(please note the window is not glass). The tape worked great and I was able to piece it back together and functions as intended now. If one as able to remove the panel I am sure I,could have gotten it smoother.

    The reason for the 4 stars is how easy it is to get finger prints in this tape.

  8. A. Lacey

    We bought this tape a couple of years ago. I used it outdoors on my gazebo canvas cover. We had a problem with the attachment tabs ripping out of the cover due to windy weather. I decided to use clear fishing line and used a needle to sew the cover to the tubes that the cover went over at the edges of the top sides of the gazebo. Well, in the very heavy wind this worked fine but the canvas started to rip at the places where the thread went thru the canvas. So the cure I found was to put the tape over the threads on both the top and the underside of the thread. Well, it holds, in the rain and wind. It doesn’t peal off or tear. It has solved my problem and given me more years of use of the canvas than we had before I got to this. If I replace the cover, I’ll use this tape, guaranteed.

  9. Kristen Nicoletti

    I used this to repair a ripped awning. This tape really worked for my needs and has now been through rain and 30 mph winds. I had first tried duct tape, but that came off within hours. Minor issue is that I do see where the tape is applied, but since it’s on the inside of the awning, it’s not too bad. Not noticeable from the outside, and much better than having to replace the awning.

  10. TL

    I purchased 2 rolls of this tape to repair some rips in our canopy. We used the tape on both side of the tears. The tape is very strong and really sticks to the material. Once you put it on the tear/rip, don’t pull it back up because it looses its adhesive around the edges. It has held up with rain and wind, and hasn’t come undone nor lost its adhesive. This worked out much better than having to purchase a replacement canopy.

  11. Matt K.

    Our canopy cloth/material
    Had ripped due to winds. Instead of purchasing another whole new canopy replacement we opted to go with this tape because I researched about how to fix the cloth. Many people recommended this tape and if you read the reviews it will help you to figure out how to put it on. We live in California and had a tea party in the first week of October and now it’s novemeber and still holding up well, despite the wind and rains.

  12. lmcpoodles

    I bought this tape to repair our ripped sliding screen door. We have feral cats, raccoons, possums and squirrel and I have no way of knowing which one of these critters has been tearing our screen (new tears night after night). I thought about rescreening this door (very expensive unless you can DIY). I am glad I bought this tape instead because it would just have been a real waste of money for us. I apply the tape to the tear on both the inside and outside of the screen and it is very neat looking and effective. I was not thrilled with Gorilla Glue because it dried out before I could use it. No problems with this tape. It comes on a roll and is very easy to to pull off and cut with a pair of scissors.

  13. Jesselde

    This tape is strong and SUPER sticky. I used it to tape up a rip in my car’s leather seat, and it took a few tries to cut out the shape I wanted neatly because the glue grabs so hard. And man, the fingerprints show. But as far as sealing up the rip securely, it’s been doing a great job, despite it being in a spot I regularly sit on.

    Also used it to seal up a tear in my daughter’s inflatable pool island. Since fingerprints and a nice shape were not really an issue, I fixed the tear in seconds. Held up to the abuse of three 9 year-olds nicely. I thought the inflatable island was going in the garbage can, but now it’s as good as new. This tape is a must have if you’re heading vacationing and bringing inflatables. Minor tears will no longer be an issue and play can continue, literally within seconds.

  14. *amanda*

    This is very tacky, very clear, and thick. It is comparable tn industrial strength and It would be good to repair a vinyl item. Was used to tape poly carbonate greenhouse panels, taped ends up to seal, and so far it has worked well on a panel but as other users described, it looses tack after a month or so, when outside exposed to the elements. Does not turn yellow, and lasted over a year and still going when used a s a “hinge” for an aquarium lid. Have used this tape universally for a year, and have been satisfied with all applications and uses.

  15. LucyFlu

    Works as described. Used it on an air mattress, fixed two pin sized holes. Air stayed in the mattress for two weeks of use. Kids wanted to set up indoor tent in their room; they slept on the mattress for two weeks. No loss of air.

  16. CNB

    This is EXTRA-thick, EXTRA sticky packing tape. It does the things you wish packing tape did well.

    I slap it over handwritten labels to waterproof them and keep them impervious to wear and tear. Despite heavy use, I’ve never encountered the tape beginning to peel off around the corners, not even on items that get moved around a lot. Once it’s on, it actually stays.

    This stuff is THICK. Before I found it I was using packing tape as a poor man’s laminate for paper “cards” in my wallet to make them last. Well, I tried using this Gorilla Clear Repair Duct Tape, 1.88″ x 9 yd., Clear instead and it made the card too thick for comfort! That’s a good thing, considering its original purpose.

    My only complaint isn’t really a complaint; it’s just so thick I always overestimate how much is left on the roll. I also highly recommend non-stick scissors with this.

    I definitely plan on always having a roll nearby!

  17. N. Landers

    I live in a 1950’s house with a screened in back porch with jalousie windows. Hard to find replacement clips for the panes of glass. When I close them up in the winter I have to tape some together so we can still sit out there and not freeze. So far so good. The tapes I’ve tried in the past haven’t worked. I’m in Texas, it may be hot and humid in the morning and 40 degrees colder by the afternoon so condensation is a factor. I just wish it came in a roll longer than 9 feet.

  18. lynn

    This tape works as advertised. Very transparent, sticky, pliable, and strong. I used it to fix a screen door with a patch of screen scratched out from the cat clawing it open, as a temporary fix. Taped both sides; looks like it will last as long as I need it to. I look forward to using for other tasks as they come up.

  19. rebecca haag

    It’s tape, it is super strong and adheres to pretty.much anything including but not limited to stucco, plastic, glass, wood, cloth, tile,.metal, fiberglass, resin, drpaes, steel, copper, lampshades, bike ride, swing set seats, speakers, dog lease, mirrors, coffer cups, all ceramic type materials, drywall, doors both real wood and composite, fiberboard, skin, soccer shoes both leather and synthetic , rubber and plastic garden hoses, metal gate, computer monitor, jump rope, windshield, broken clock, old encyclopedia, laptop case, iPhone cover, golf club grip, sunshade on glass, wood and faux wood blinds, fishing pole handle, tennis racket, sunglasses, window screen which tore, car seat split (leather) sunroof both in and out, outdoor sear vision covers ( that was impressive as it holds despite all the rain, shin guards, outdoor metal and fiberglass planters, doorbell stuck to flagstone (yup and that stuff is porious)
    I will update ifnI find something it doesn’t stick to

  20. BeBee

    Tried to use this to patch an Aerobed with a *ridiculous* sized hole. It definitely helped a LOT, but there’s no way it was going to patch it sufficiently once weight was on the bed. But it was a HUGE difference from having no patch vs having the patch so I imagine this might be useful for other purposes. I’m just not sure any inflatable that is going to have weight on it would work for this.

  21. Carol saler

    I bought this tape to patch an office chair and laminate desk and am very pleased. The chair was scrubbing against the surface of the L-shaped desk and had already developed a hole in the upholstery, as well as rubbed off part of the laminate desk edge where the contact was occurring. Because the chair is not very old, and is very comfortable, I wanted to save it and minimize further damage. I used the Gorilla Clear Repair tape to cover the worn desk edge, as well as to cover the frayed area on the side of the chair (and yes, I’ve re-positioned the chair to minimize additional scrubbing). The clear tape is barely visible – you really have to look closely to see that either surface has tape applied – and adhered firmly. Very happy.

  22. Hanzel and Gretal

    I bought this because our dog had torn a foot-wide hole in our screen door. I put several pieces on each side, holding together the remaining screen but leaving a hole covered just by the tape. That tape has been exposed to 100-degree summer days, has had a foot of snow packed against it, and has been rained on dozens of times over the last two years. There is not a tiny piece starting to unpeel. Let’s face it, duct tape peels and frays when left outside. This tape is incredible. I bought another roll recently because our mailbox got knocked off its post, and now the tape is holding it back on.

    Let’s put it this way – I’ve been an Amazon customer for about 15 years, and this is the product that finally made me leave my first review. I know, I really should have been doing them more regularly, and I will from now on. But I had to mention it to emphasize how extraordinary this tape is.

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