DASH Compact Electric Air Fryer + Oven Cooker with Digital Display

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  • HEALTHIER FRIED FOOD: Dash Compact Air Fryer uses AirCrisp technology (instead of oil) to help reduce added fat by 70-80%, without sacrificing the flavor of your fried food (No more residual smell hours after you’ve eaten)
  • QUICK + EASY: Short on time? Simply load the 1.6 qt capacity fryer basket, set the temp, and set the timer. Your food comes out crispy, guaranteed, EVERY TIME. And in less time than it takes to pre-heat your oven, making it more energy efficient
  • SAFER: The auto-shut off function prevents overcooking, and the cool touch housing and handle makes it safer to use. It’s so simple, even your kids can use it! (bonus, the nonstick fryer basket is dishwasher safe for even easier cleanup!)
  • VERSATILE: This is the PERFECT appliance for picky eaters, large families, or those who have busy schedules. Appetizers to desserts, 1 dozen chicken wings, 1lb French fries, even baked goods, and all within minutes of setting the timer – it couldn’t be easier!
  • COMPACT + LIGHTWEIGHT: Half the weight of a standard fryer, the Dash Air Fryer is your MUST-HAVE for that first apartment, smaller kitchen, college dorm life, or camper/rv traveling. Plus, its sleek design and trendy color options will accent any kitchen space
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Enjoy your favorite fried foods without the guilt when using the DASH digital compact air fryer. Air rapidly circulates to cook ingredients and keep the signature crispy quality of fried foods, while eliminating the need for oil. Air frying reduces added fat by 70-80% without sacrificing flavor. the DASH digital compact air fryer is a healthier way to fry and a cleaner way to cook. With 5 preset functions including poultry, steak, baked goods, fresh fries, and frozen fries, the digital compact air fryer is designed to make your meals and snacks healthier and easier to prepare. A manual function allows you to have even more control over air frying your ingredients. The digital display allows for you to see exactly how much time is left and to conveniently manipulate the temperature settings. Simply plug in your air fryer, set the desired time and temperature or choose your function, and you’re ready to air fry! the compact design fits neatly on your countertop, while offering an ample 1.6 quart Capacity. The nonstick interior is convenient for wiping down and eliminating buildup, while dishwasher safe parts make the appliance easy to clean. Air fry sweet potato fries, spicy chicken wings, or a gluten-free flourless chocolate cake–the DASH digital compact air fryer can do it all.

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Reviews (16)

16 reviews for DASH Compact Electric Air Fryer + Oven Cooker with Digital Display

  1. llamadrinkscoffee

    Move over George Forman; the Dash Air Fryer is my new favorite.
    I wish I had an Air Fryer in my dorm. I use it more than my stove and microwave combined.

  2. Jeff Moody

    Just made garlic Parmesan drumettes and they are amazing!! This was so easy to use…and quick!! I can’t wait to try more receipes.

  3. kim miles

    Our family is loving this thing. It makes the kids corndog nuggets all crispy and delicious. It turned frozen breaded chicken into a delicious meal for us. In the few days we jave owned it we have made delightfully perfect French fries out of a fresh potato and even better sweet potatato fries from a frozen bag. Just dump out the collected crumbs and wipe up any residual oil with a papertowl and it’s ready for more. Or don’t clear the crumbs out every time and they will just get darker as they continue cooking, but don’t seem to bother the next batch of conveniently hot and delicious food. Someone online said match the baking temp and half the baking time, this simple formula has worked first try with everything so far, with a 3 min preheat cycle. If the oven wants more than 400 degrees just set the Dash to 400 (max temp) and round up by a minute, after you cut the time in half.

  4. NAS

    I was very happy with this air fryer when I just got it (thus still 3 stars – the food is tasty), but it’s been less than 2 months (and i’m not using it every day), but the coating of the inner pot already starts to peel. A few times I found pieces of it on my sausages. And even the handle starts to peel. I was not using any corrosives, I was washing the pots in the dishwasher on the regular washing mode (it says in the manual that it’s dishwasher safe)
    But my main concern is that couple of times the outer pot was detaching from the inner pot when I was taking both pots out even though I know I was not pressing the release button. It’s the major safety concern – I was lucky that the hot outer pot didn’t hit my leg and that there were potatoes, not sausages inside when that happened (thus no oil).
    And a minor comment – I couldn’t figure out how to turn off the beeping when I start the program or when it stops frying. It’s very loud, which is annoying to me.

  5. Zisca

    This is a great home air fryer to own. I am a really big French Fry fan and it is really great to be able to just open a bag and throw it in the bin. Super easy to use the push button activation was really nice. I was also very happy with how easy this thing was to clean and to store. I’m looking forward to using the recipe book more that came with this air fryer, but we are going to be trying the crabcakes soon hope anybody who buys this has as much of a great experience as we have.

  6. M. Desai

    Received my air fryer yesterday and could hardly wait to try it out……….so I didn’t wait. Couldn’t find a recipe for zucchini so I looked online for an air fryer recipe to see how long to cook zucchini. 7 minutes!!!. My zucchini recipe says to cook this in the oven for 30 minutes and the air fryer cooked them in 7 minutes. I know there will be some trial and error with cooking times, but I am so excited to get started. By the way, they were crispy without oil.

  7. PT Bermon

    Always a little concerned whether or not an appliance will be easy or confusing to use, this has prove to be easy. It’s compact, which is important because of my small kitchen. But it’s large enough to prepare the right amount of food for my wife and me. It’s a good value

  8. sue Kaufman

    Fired it up for the first time tonight, made chicken wings with it. 4 wings fit easily, six might be possible, I think the 1.6 is really a necessary size vs the 1.2. Chicken came out crispy and moist, I confirmed the temperature with a Thermopen (I love that device) and the chicken was easily cooked to the correct temperature for safety. One thing I will point out, (I almost sent it back) is to MAKE SURE the basket is seated correctly in the unit. I had mine in and the bottom was not all the way in (you can see a gap in the plastic on the lower sides) and the unit did not heat. I really thought it was broken, but when seated all the way in (which I should have done) it worked fine. The fan stays on so you think it is heating when all that is happening is fan noise. If you have a problem like me, make sure the basket is seated fully.

  9. Arthur Corbett

    This is my first air fryer and it is great. Easy to use, clean and small enough to leave on the counter. It is a great size to make sides for 2 people. I have tried fries, tator tots and mozzarella sticks and they were all crispy and not greasy at all. I don’t love brussel sprouts but tried them in the fryer and with some seasoning and a little oil they were wonderful. No fried smell in the house with using this so another perk. Definitely recommend this product.

  10. Sudhi sood

    I have the original Dash air fryer that I love and this digital version is even better. The construction is sturdier, and you can now remove the basket so if you end up with some extra oil at the bottom, you just lift the basket out and not have to worry about the oil coming with it.

  11. PapaTone

    Seriously awesome. I was very amazed how it made the food crispy and crunchy I didn’t think it would be possible without oil but it made the mozerella sticks and tater tots as crispy and toasty as if they had been fried but with no oil. It was also fast and very easy to clean up. I’m excited to try even more things.

  12. Cindy Henry

    Love the fries we had for dinner tonight. Crisp on the outside and tender on the inside. Can’t wait to try fish for fish tacos.
    I will say that we first tried broccoli tots from the freezer. Maybe we have to cook those in a single or double layer only. The broccoli is so soft on the inside that they wanted to just mush together. They were crisp on the outside of the ones that had the benefit of the air flow. I will continue to test things out in it as it was super easy to clean and we didn’t have to heat up the whole oven for a small amount of food.

  13. fredstar

    This gadget is the bomb! It works perfectly and better than the manual then knob model in which I have to my in law. While there are more expensive models on the market the price point for this was on par with trying it out and adding it to the home as a substitute to unhealthy frying.

  14. PalidinoDH

    A guilt free why to serve those not so good fried foods. The fresh fries came out crispy and the grilled cheese was a hit. I tried the frozen tater tots too. I think they were even more crispy in this vs the oven. Directions were simple and cleaning was easy.

  15. Melanie McDonald

    We were always skeptical about air fryers until our friends purchased this Dash one and served us their chicken. We tried their recipe tonight and tater tots. Saved time and easy clean-up. My husband is thrilled. Display is easy to read. I can’t wait to try other items. Really happy.

  16. samantha smalley

    I have always been afraid of deep fryers and hot oil cooking. I even returned a deep fryer i got one christmas and got a pizza oven instead. Not to mention the smell that never seems to leave your home after using a deep fryer. This air fryer is a game changer for me. No hot oil, no permeating smells, compact and easy to use. This definitely has a permanent spot on my counter. Healthy fried food? Yes please! The color is great and I’m not afraid to use this fryer.

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