Drain Jet – Air-powered manual plunger for unblocking drains and plug-holes

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Air-powered manual plunger for unblocking drains and plug-holes

Drain Jet is the manual, pump-action, high-pressure plunger designed to clear blocked drains quickly and safely, without the need for harsh chemicals or the expense of electrical high-pressure jet blasters, that can damage your waste pipe system, or calling out emergency plumbers. Whether it’s a blocked sink, bath, toilet or shower drain, Drain Jet is effective at clearing most household blockages like soap scum, trapped hair, toilet waste and more. The three specially-designed adaptors will accommodate most plug-holes and toilet U-bends and, because you control the amount of air pressure, you can apply just enough to remove the blockage but not so much that can damage seals and pipe connections. 

3 adaptors, fits most plug-holes and toilets

The specially-designed adaptors create a seal around the drain. Just connect the appropriate adaptor, pump Drain Jet to the desired pressure and place the nozzle over the blocked drain, plug-hole or toilet U-bend. With a pull of the trigger, pressurised air is shot into the drain, dislodging the blockage. 

Protect fragile pipes from damage

Your waste pipes aren’t set up to take a lot of pressure, unlike water or gas pipes, so too much can break seals on pipe connections causing leaks and even more problems. Rodding and industrial jet-blasters can be too much for your pipes to bear, but traditional plungers are often ineffective because every ‘push’ is followed by an equally strong ‘pull’. Because you manually pump the pressure of Drain Jet, you can apply only the right amount of air pressure that is necessary, all in one direction, to clear the blockage and protect your pipes. 

Save time and money on expensive plumber call-out fees

A blocked drain, especially a toilet, can be an embarrassing and expensive problem. You don’t want to have to wait all day and then pay a stranger to come into your home, for a huge emergency call-out fee, to deal with a simple blocked pipe. With Drain Jet in your cupboard, you can deal with it in minutes. No chemicals, no fees and no waiting.



Drain Jet

Reviews (11)

11 reviews for Drain Jet – Air-powered manual plunger for unblocking drains and plug-holes

  1. Straysod

    Very pleased with the product. It was delivered on time by the seller and my sister, the person I ordered them for is very happy!

  2. Dabbzy

    Seems to work good but could smell a bit stronger.

  3. sacura605

    I don’t have any foul smells however I would like to prevent build up of gunk in the shower, This should do the trick!

  4. Addleton

    I went away right after I bought these so haven’t used yet. Ask me again in a month.

  5. Talya

    Packaging and product user friendly

  6. S. Bryant

    Great for household drains, great lemon scent sticks.

  7. Mollypop

    Works really well. Put one in each strain at the beginning of each month, keep strain clean, open, and smelling nice. Good value!

  8. AppleGeek

    With regular monthly use, this product keeps drains running free. I have had some problems in the kitchen sink, but these were overcome using several applications of hot water in conjunction with extra applications of this product.

  9. Cassidy rill

    So far so good. The smell from my drain has gone after using 1 stick. It wasn’t an immediate change so I thought it was just hype but I just realized it worked. I used it in my shower drain and kitchen sink.

  10. Jasmine G.

    Disappointed with product. Not effective,

  11. Completely satisfied customer

    I’m a landlord and clearing pipes is fun. I get perfume bottles. Hair snake 3 feet long . Toys. Cheap jewelry and anything else the tenants know about but deny flushing. Oooh..the baby musta done it. Today we had a slow draining shower. A finger into the drain and yeah…mom is dumping cooking oil into the bath tub. 12 pumps and the right fitting…the oil came up thru the overflow, the drains runs and the tenant lies about dumping the oil. Paid for itself the first time I used it

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