Dust Daddy | Universal Vacuum Cleaner Attachment

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  • Universal Vac Attachment Picks Up Dust Like No Other!
  • Made with 36 Flexible, Micro-Size Suction Tubes
  • Flexible Tubes Dust Around Objects – No Need to Move Things Before Dusting!
  • Tube Adjuster Slides for Concentrated Suction or Wide Cover
  • Easily Attaches to Any Vacuum & Ergonomic Grip for Comfort & Control
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The new, easy way to dust picks up dust like no other!

The new cleaning tool designed to get dust out of every nook and cranny. This universal vacuum attachment fits any vacuum and is unlike any attachment you’ve ever owned. The secret is dozens of individual suction tubes, they are flexible and can get anywhere that dust hides! Each suction tube acts sweeps & vacuums away dust from delicate objects to hard-to-reach corners, edges and grooves. It gets into even the tiniest cracks & crevices. Great for book shelves, light fixtures, window blinds, couches, jewelry boxes & more. Dust Daddy even lets you dust around small objects without even have to remove them first- so there is less work & more clean. Great for cleaning your car! Gets into the cracks of the seats and cleaning your coin tray without having to remove anything. Ordinary attachments are limited by size and shape, but Dust Daddy can vacuum the dirt out of the smallest grooves, cracks and hidden edges that no other attachment can get to.



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Reviews (25)

25 reviews for Dust Daddy | Universal Vacuum Cleaner Attachment

  1. Anonymous

    I purchased this product because we lost our lightweight vacuum in a move across town (actually, it broke…).
    We have laminate floors that I fear would be beaten up by my big vac, but we also have a cat who is a prolific shedder. Sweeping and using electrostatic cloths didn’t seem to pick up the cat hair, dust, or the little grains of litter that get tracked around the house.
    This vac does very well on bare floors and picks up a lot of hair, dust, and litter particles.
    Emptying the dust cup is a pain, but for $25 I can put up with a little inconvenience.
    All in all, it was an inexpensive solution to our problem.

  2. Candice R. Lemon

    For less than $30.00. I bought this on December 12, 2012. I never did write a review, that I can find. Almost 2 years later and I am still very pleased with this light weight. I vacuum ever week on laminate wood floors. This vacuum is so sweet. Light, cleans the floors, and the filter cleans so easily. When I purchased this I also bought an extra filter, just so I would have it. There is no wear on the original one. I do clean the filter every 5- 7 minutes. I love love love my upright. My only problem with it is when I turn it on of my two chihuahuas, Turbo, runs to hide. I will always have this sweet little upright cause it is exactly what I wanted…..how sweet it is.

  3. Crazy Cat Lady

    For such an affordable price I was shocked by the high quality & sturdy plastic. Also comes with an additional attachment to use with Dyson vacuums. Really works well to detail vehicles, workshops & any small spaces most vacuum attachments won’t fit. Very happy with my purchase, I would highly recommend.

  4. Stephanie L

    I tried several other “stick Vacs” and I like this one. Light, good suction- yes even on short nap carpet which surprised me as it had no beater brush. I bought it for bare floors. It does not lose nearly as much suction as the others when the dustbuster type motor filter stops up with fine dust. That said IT IS NOT meant to take the place of a regular vacuum. The nozzle is only 9″ wide. CONS the cord is 15′- SHOULD be 20′. You have to remove the nozzle to empty dust cup-note: attach nozzle with minimun pressure it will not fall off. Jam it on and good luck getting it off. No where to put the crevice tool included (I used rubber bands to hold it on handle).

  5. Janice T. Temple

    I bought this because I wanted a touch-up vacuum for small mishaps. And I live in a small apartment and I can even use it almost everywhere. Being lightweight, it’s easy on your back, but works well for me. It has an easy to change filter that traps dirt well. I’ve went through 3 “swivel sweepers” that are seen on TV, but the battery stops charging, or a part breaks off, or it breaks anywhere. This little vacuum beats the acclaimed as seen on TV “Swivel Sweeper”. And the price of my Eureka stick vacuum is much less, one third less than the TV sweeper.

  6. Hanna Kirby

    I should’ve listened to the few negative reviews for this vacuum, but the positive ones won out & I ordered this item for my kitchen. Just received it today & was disappointed in the performance of this vacuum. Basically just a dustbuster with a handle & cord!! Has no revolving brush head to clean low pile kitchen rugs of dog hair. Was okay on kitchen tile…doesn’t pick up items the size of cheerios & larger. Very loud motor & plastic wheels clank loudly on tile & grout. Unfortunately, it’ll be banished to my kids’ playroom since it’s short enough & lite enough for a child to operate. I just ordered the Hoover S220 flair bagless stick vacuum with 7.5 amp motor on Amazon….I figured that with over 500 positive reviews that it will be worth the extra $25!

  7. Dansky

    I purchased this product a week ago, mainly to pick up crumbs and dust. I received it quickly and used it right away. It was easy to put together, had very clear directions for use and performed as promised. It easily picked up the Goldfish crumbs off my area rug and the dust around my house on the hardwood floors. I did notice the suction got much less if the filter got too full but that was easily remedied by cleaning off the filter. I found the filter to be easy to empty (make sure the handle is up to take off the filter, as the instructions direct) and put back on. My kids were arguing over who was going to get to vacuum and since the vacuum is so light, even my 2 year old can push it:) If this product lasts for even a few months, it will be worth the buy.

  8. Cindy from So. Jersey

    The attachment did not easily fit my Electrolux, but I figured out how to make it work. The bad fit however, made the suction power less than normal. I used it to vacuum out my kitchen drawers without having to empty the contents. It worked well. It was nice to not have to worry about sucking up small items in the drawer and actually felt awkward to not have to worry about that happening. Some of the larger crumbs got stuck in the tiny tubes. I have no idea how to get them out don’t know how it will influence the future suction power of the nozzle. Next test – the car!

  9. VeronicaP

    I bought this vacuum because I was looking for something that was light enough to carry up and down stairs regularly, had powerful suction and was easy to change/dump the filter/bag.

    This vacuum really fits the bill.

    The cons are that it is very short. It is fine for me (5’0) but if it were used by taller people, they would have to hunch over. Also, the interchangeable parts are easy to switch but if you have arthritis or other issues, this may pose a problem as you need to apply some force when removing the pieces.

    Also, the attachment does not store on the vacuum so it can be easily misplaced.

  10. engineer13

    I purchased two of these Eureka lightweight easy clean vacuums following back surgery and anticipating hip surgery. The vacuum is study, lightweight which is a must, the floor roller easily comes off to be replaced with a crevice tool, and the vacuum dust collection is easy to remove and replace. I wish the bag was a bit easier to clean, made perhaps out of light weight perforated plastic or metal mesh. I keep one upstairs and one downstairs. These vacuums are terrific for day to day crumbs, dust, tracked in debris. I even used this vacuum from a wheelchair. Definitely five stars with improved collection “bag” for easy tapping, brushing, running under water.

  11. Jin Oh

    I pulled this little guy out of the box, and thought, not too sturdy looking. Boy was a wrong! This is a GREAT little vacuum.
    I use it on BARE tile floors to pick up dog hair and small pieces of granite etc., the dogs track in. It picks it all up!!! It gets into corners great, and is a breeze to use 🙂
    People complain, it doesn’t work well on carpet–It’s not supposed to! Use it for what it was made, light cleaning!
    People complain, it doesn’t pick every thing up. Are you trying to vacuum boulders?
    People complain. the cord isn’t long enough. Do you know what an extension cord is?
    All in all this is a terrific little vacuum, especially for the price! Love it 🙂

  12. CJ1083

    Having read both the good and the bad reviews I decided to just go ahead and purchase this little vacuum. I was looking for something that I could use to quickly pick up crumbs from around where my little one eats, cat litter and also cat hair off my tile and wood floors. I have to say that for around $25 this was a great investment. I find it just perfect for getting up the little crumbs that my little guy has left behind and also cleaning up after my cat. I have also found it great on my wooden stairs as it is so lightweight. I did purchase a 15 foot extension cord to allow me to clean the whole downstairs without moving sockets. For the price I find nothing to complain about. If you want something more powerful you need to pay more!
    Also this is so lightweight that it is great for little kids to help with the chores as it isn’t big and bulky.

  13. The Writing Chef

    This is an excellent vacuum for small, quick jobs when you don’t want to lug out the big machine … the telescoping handle is truly excellent as it increases the versatility of the product. It is light, stores easily and comes with plenty of electrical cord to allow you to reach distant outlets. It can be used without the attachments for quick pick-up tasks but when needed the wide head attachment for floor cleaning as well as the narrow attachment for hard to get at places come with the vacuum. The bagless receptical is easy to empty but be aware that it requires the handle to be fully extended in order to remove it. The only negative aspect is that it would have received 5 stars if it came with a brush attachment for small flat areas such as window sills or chair cushions because the other attachments are not suited for this kind of a surface and do not clean them well.

  14. Daniel F Wolfe

    I bought this for my granddaughter – and taught her how to use it in a minute. Even had her put it together. (She is 12) They have a large kitchen/dining room area – and there is always stuff on the floor. They have 2 birds, 3 cats and a puppy. The birdseed goes everywhere and drives me nuts. The cats and puppy are always spilling dry food all over. This is made for dry floors, and she can have the room done in just a couple of minute with ease. It has a cup that you empty – and that’s it. The cup could be a little bigger – but it is still a great little product. Very good value.

  15. odellaylee

    Yes, it does look a little like a toy, but once plugged in, it’s powerful. I have a studio condo and I just installed hickory wood floors. I had a Eureka Boss with power brush, but I found it too big. I love that this is powerful and small. I store it on a shelf in my closer, as it takes up so little space. I gave my bigger vacuum cleaner to a friend. This fits in with my new approach: “less is more.” The stick part goes down into the unit for storage. The collection cup is roomy, and I only empty it about every 4th use or so (I do not have pets or carpet). This is a great buy. I do find that the cord is a little short and I find I have to change plug locations, unlike my previous vacuum cleaner.

  16. Disney Momma

    I have ten of these–this vacuum costs like twenty dollars-seriously, the negative reviews i really don’t get-it is a lightweight vacuum for quick cleanups–it is not going to vacuum a years worth of dirt and doghair or whatever some reviewers expect it to do-
    I have a business where i sew stuffed animals using fake fur and there is fur everywhere-this cleans it up in one minute-
    The crevice attachment gets into all sorts of small spaces where dirt and hair accumulate and really does a great job of cleaning
    I mean everyone is entitled to their own opinion so whomever gave this a one or two or whatever stars and didn’t think it works very well-i don’t know what to say except this little baby definitely works for me:-)
    And- just in case you need to know why i have ten?? i have one in every room in my house and office-
    I also have five of the other model-the one with the roller brush-love that one also but this is my favorite

  17. critical reviewer

    i bought this vacuum because we moved into a place with hardwood floors, so i needed something light and small to clean some throw rugs. our old vac was just too much of a hassle. little did i know that when the handle is not extended, this vacuum is exactly the right height for a 4 year old to operate it. what’s more, the bright colors make it very attractive to said 4 year old. with conversations like, “if you’re good and pick up all your toys, mommy will let you vacuum” now taking place regularly, i consider it my duty as a mother to recommend this to every parent i know. even if you have full carpets, you will not regret having this. why pay $60 for a fake toy vacuum when you can pay just $20 and put your kid to work for real?

  18. Pat Sullivan

    I wish I could remember the model (it was a eureka) of light weight vacuum I had prior and which I thought this would replace after it gave me a full life of usage. This was too short (with handle extended fully) to use easily for anything than a light simple spill type cleanup. I have a small apartment with cheap LOW pile carpet and though this worked ok it was clearly cheap plastic with tiny wheels that look flimsy. Suction is fair, but it doesn’t have a rotating brush (I should have confirmed this before ordering) and is simply a dustbuster with a handle.

    I returned it easily as it was an Amazon product with free shipping so that was handles without effort, but I can’t really recommend this one for anything but the simplest and easiest of cleanups.

  19. electricdreamz

    I just bought a new dryer and I wanted to use this to regularly vacuum out the lint trap. So I haven’t used it for it’s intended purpose yet. I have used it to do some cleaning of hard to reach areas. The end that attaches to a vacuum cleaner was not really big enough for my Shark Navigator to fit securely. But it did barely fit onto the very end and the suction held it in place. I will have to use my small shop vac next time. There is a suction adjustment on the device but it is hard to turn and didn’t make much difference. Overall I think it will help to keep lint from building up in the dryer.

  20. Clare

    I just received this product, and I was very happy when I tried it on carpet stairs and other small carpet areas that are hard to reach with a regular size vacuum; the result is great! It cleans well and makes the rug look much better. However, when I tried it on my wood floor something unfortunate happened: my slippers started making marks on the floors that don’t seem to go away.It seems that the device took off the finish from those parts of the floor. I wonder if the Eureka should not be used on wood floors with very little finish? It seems fine on other hard surfaces though.
    At any event, I will continue to use this to clean oriental rugs (it’s much more gentle and so it’s perfect for that purpose), air vacuuming and using the extension for small crevices; However I don’t think I will use it for my wood floors. If you have wood floors you may want to test this in a small area before venturing on the main areas.
    All in all it’s a good product. I love the fact that it’s light and easy to operate. Just be careful with your floors.
    Good luck and happy cleaning!

  21. SCR Chef

    I live in a smaller apartment which is why I chose this vacuum. I’m loving that I can just dump out the particles instead of continually buying bags for this product. It’s very compact (folds down and is also just thin in general), so it’s easy to hide even out in the open. The vacuum bends all the way down to the floor to get under the couch and tables. When lain on the ground, it’s only about five inches tall, so it can get under most furniture. The cord’s pretty long; about as long as most vacuums. The nose is easy to change (just pull the head out and replace with the extension.

    My only complaint is that it doesn’t include a hepafilter (catches smaller particles from escaping) but come on, this thing’s 20some bucks. Also, the unit could have used some kind of clip to hold the extension. The extension just sits in the closet, but not a big deal.

    It’s held up for the whole year now and if I needed to buy a new vacuum for any reason, I’d buy this one again. HIGHLY recommended for apartments.

  22. PickaWinner

    I waited until I had this for about a month to review it so that I could really get a feel for it. It is really brilliant! We recently pulled up all of our carpeting and have all hard wood floors now, in a two story house with two dogs that shed a lot! Dragging my big vaccum up the stairs was a real chore but this little vac is so light and easy to use and it really picks up all of the dust and dog hair. I really bought it to cut down on my use of Swiffer disposable clothes for the floor. In the past it took me five swiffer clothes to do my bedroom and hallway, this was when I waited about two weeks between cleanings. Now I don’t use the swiffer clothes at all and this vac cleans just as well, I am saving money and creating less trash! The only thing that I don’t love about it is having to clean the filter by hand, not a design flaw, just one of those things. But I realized today that I can just use my big vac to suck all of the hair off of the small vac filter so that I don’t have to touch it! I can’t understand the cost of the other vacs I looked at. This one works really great for only $30!

  23. Cassandra M. Alls

    This vacuum is adequate for its purposes — it does a perfectly fine job of efficiently cleaning hard floors and hard-to-reach places. It’s incredibly lightweight (lighter even than the handheld rechargeable Dustbuster in my parents’ house). And it’s easy to clean the canister.

    As you might expect from a device at this size and price, though, there are some significant limitations. The power cord is kind of short. So if you bought a stick vacuum specifically for hard-to-reach places, you’ll either need an electrical outlet nearby, or an extension cord on-hand. Neither of which is necessarily convenient at all times. I have no problem picking up hair from our domestic short-haired cat, but long hair doesn’t seem to get picked up very well. This vacuum does well in our kitchen and bathrooms, but it’s no match for medium-pile carpets or rugs.

    Basically, if you have a use for this vacuum that wouldn’t be impacted by any of those limitations, you’re going to be very happy with the size, convenience, and price of this device. If any of those obstacles would affect you, you should probably keep looking at other options. All things considered, I would not buy this vacuum again.

  24. May Baby

    I was skeptical when I first saw this, but the reviews were all great, so I bought it. Not as great as I thought it’d be. Does not replace a full vacuum.

    Pros: Light weight, small, easy to clean.

    Cons: Only picks up stuff on the surface of the carpet, doesn’t really clean carpet or rugs, short cord, has some trouble standing up on it’s own, filter canister can be hard to get off.

    It’s great picking up cat litter, but that’s about it. I had to order an actual vacuum to clean my carpets and rugs.

  25. Wendy

    I live in a medium to large studio apartment with tile floors and a few area rugs. I also have a very large cat who likes to sleep everywhere. This vacuum cleaner has now almost completely replaced my trusty broom; it gets the tiled floors, the rugs, and is small enough to fit under cramped spaces like my low coffee table, behind my futon (without moving it), over the futon cover, and even gets about an inch or so under the stove.
    It sadly doesn’t do that well picking up cat fur that has balled up on the rugs, but it works great for picking up loose hair floating around the floor — I’m continually amazed at how dusty and furry the receptacle is after I finish vacuuming, and the machine is light enough to allow me to vacuum every day without much hassle. I haven’t found much use for the smaller hose attachment, but I imagine it would work well for people with real couches. The thing’s honestly so small and light, though, that I don’t think anyone would really miss it.

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