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FlavorStone Diamond Edition


  • Modern Space Saving Square Design offers 25% more cooking space than conventional round pans and stacks and stores easier
  • Quick-Touch Detachable Handle makes switching from stove top to oven grill a breeze
  • Ultra-Non-Stick surface allows quick easy clean-up and healthy oil free cooking
  • Extra Deep walls means the mess stays in the pan and the Multi-Ply Thick quality construction is 3 x as durable as older version offering superior heat conductivity


FlavorStone Diamond Edition Deep Deluxe Pan is the ultimate chef’s choice for just about any meal. The incredibly non-stick and durable “Dima-Tough” surface allows you to cook oil-free and makes cleaning up quick and easy. With millions of FlavorStone Pans sold worldwide, the latest Diamond Edition is our latest and most innovative yet. The modern square design provides 25% more cooking area when compared with similar round pans, yet helps it fit perfectly alongside other pans on your stovetop. Thanks to the Quick-Touch detachable handle each FlavorStone Diamond Edition Pan is oven safe, meaning quick switches from stove-top to grill; and allows the pans to be easily stacked saving space. The extra deep walls of the deep pan saves spills, allows you to stir-fry and makes this pan the most versatile option. What’s more, the Multi-Play thick quality construction feels solid but light and is 3 x more durable than the original FlavorStone Pan. With superior heat conductivity, no hot spots and the ability to work on Gas, Electric, Ceramic or Induction hobs, the FlavorStone Diamond Edition Deep Deluxe Pan is the all-round pan you always dreamed of having.


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