Flex Shot Rubber Adhesive Sealant Caulk

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  • Caulks, bonds and seals virtually everything!
  • No need for a caulking gun! The free extension tube makes even hard-to-reach repairs easy
  • Gives you a perfect bead, every time. No running, no dripping, no mess
  • Expands and contracts to fill in huge cracks and holes
  • No waste – use it again and again
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The makers of Flex Seal bring you Flex Shot– the revolutionary super thick rubber sealant that caulks, bonds and seals virtually everything. Flex Shot is the neat and clean way to make repairs with pinpoint accuracy. Flex Shot comes out nice and thick, clinging to any surface, and then turns into a stretchy rubber seal that’s virtually indestructible. And because it’s so thick, you can fill huge cracks and holes, stopping the toughest leaks instantly! Forget about those bulky caulking guns! Unlike regular caulks that shrink and crack, Flex Shot expands and contracts, making surfaces waterproof. The free extension tube makes even hard-to-reach repairs perfect every time!



Flex Tape

Reviews (8)

8 reviews for Flex Shot Rubber Adhesive Sealant Caulk

  1. CoolGramma

    I almost wanna say that I swear by this stuff. It has fixed everything that was broken. And because I bought the clear one, you can’t see it on anything. I bought this for everyone at christmas.

  2. jvinIA

    The first GREAT thing ever invented was sliced bread……. then came Flex Shot!! For years I hesitated buying FlexSeal products due to those annoying and sometimes unrealistic infomercials. I decided to take momentarily leave of my senses and buy a couple of bottles to re caulk my bathroom. ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC stuff. I hate using any type of caulk because I’m horrible with it, I tend to make huge messes and always wind up with more material on my hands than on the actual surface. Flex Shot is much easier (for me) to use and very forgiving when using fingers to wipe away excess silicone. Very easy to wipe off your hands as long as you don’t let it dry up. Does have a very strong odor so I recommend opening up some windows but it seems to fade after a couple of hours. In my case I found cutting a small opening in the nozzle works best

  3. John W.

    Great product! I opted for this over a caulk gun for the kitchen counter. It’s easy to apply and looks great. Helpful tips: Use masking or painter’s tape next to the area you wish to apply the sealant, then with rubber gloves on run your finger down the freshly applied sealant for a smooth finish

  4. MarMar

    I love this stuff. I’m not very handy, and this doesn’t require a caulking gun so that was a huge plus for me. I also love that it’s clear. I fixed my leaking bathtub where the rim of the tub faucet had started to rot away and water was escaping. I also fixed a vertical blind that kept falling out of its slot. I’ve glued a couple of door thresholds down with it too. Again, I’m not handy whatsoever but this is a STAPLE in my household.

    Don’t forget after initially cutting it open on an angle with sicssors to allow a half inch of “goo” to extend past the tip when you are finished, so that when you need to use it next time you can just pull on that and remove the plug that’s formed. You don’t want to keep cutting into the tip with scissors as you want to keep the precise tip for easier application!

  5. Chelsey

    Best purchase I ever made. I was tired of the cracks and mold on those so called caulking for bathtubs, until I tried this product. After I removed the old stained, cracked and blacked mold caulking, I applied Flex Shot White around the bathtub. I used a professional smoother tool (from the Hardware store), to smooth the product and get a professional finish. Up to the moment of this review, there is no signs of cracks or dry out. It still shining as the moment it was applied. I used on both bathtubs. I strongly recommend this product.

  6. Michael Conway

    I bought this for the sole purpose of caulking up a hole in my deck that a swarm of bees decided to declare as their new base of operations.
    I probably used entirely too much of it because I was giddy with the thought of trapping those little suckers in their own self-made hell, but it’s holding well so far.
    I became fascinated with the texture of it because it reminded me of marshmallow fluff, so I can say from experience that it wipes clean off your hands with just some paper towel.
    I’m considering buying a truckload of this stuff and just caulking up my entire house so I can stand inside and laugh manically at the insect life outside and their inability to invade my home.

  7. bryan

    This stuff is awesome. Had my can for months and its still good. Not like other products that clog after first use. Great as an adhesive and as a sealer. I used to seal a large crack in my saddlebags and it is putting up with the abuse of road spray from the wheel. Stuff inside the bag does not stick to it. Always thinking of something else this could be used for. Good investment.

  8. kitplanesue

    This does what it says it does. Great product. Loses one star because while the can looks large, it had enough caulk to do about three windows. Kind of disappointing, but those windows don’t leak anymore. Recommend buying two or more for large jobs.

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