Himalayan Zen Salt Lamp

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The majority of mounted lights includes adjustable heads so that you can face the light in the direction you demand. Lighting needs to be employed to brighten and define the area because both can affect your mood and the method you are feeling inside your house.

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The majority of mounted lights includes adjustable heads so that you can face the light in the direction you demand. Lighting needs to be employed to brighten and define the area because both can affect your mood and the method you are feeling inside your house.



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Reviews (9)

9 reviews for Himalayan Zen Salt Lamp

  1. Sterling

    They are massive! I just ordered the normal 2 pack, and upon opening them I was amazed at how large they are! I love the wooden base but wish the light bulb set up was a little different, but it works and I think it keeps it authentic! I would recommend and will be purchasing again! I cant wait to have a house full of these!

  2. RCW

    I just got these the other day and I plugged it right next to my computer screen, FANTASTIC. Work can be very stressful and the soft glow of this lamp really makes things better for me. My assistant is trying to take the second one but I’m taking that one home. Did I mention you get 2 for the price of what other companies are charging for 1?
    Don’t know how they can afford to do this, but it just as good if not better than the other single one I bought in a store that I paid $5 more for.
    It’s on my holiday must buy list for gifts this season.

  3. JOHN C.

    For the price, I was expecting these to be much smaller but they are very substantial–probably about 7 inches tall and 5 inches wide (though the sizes vary a bit due to the cut of the stone). Great light and I like that you can replace the bulb when it burns out.

  4. Anna

    I ordered the two pack and I am SO pleased! These salt lights are $40 or more at Home Goods and to pay half that for two is such a good deal. Both lamps are very unique. One is a darker almost-coral color and the other is pale pink. They both have different shapes as well, one is more boxy and the other is shaped almost like a rain drop and sealer at the top. I couldn’t be more happy with this purchase and the value of the items.

  5. fiestaqueen

    I ordered this set after receiving a salt lamp as a Christmas gift. Since my husband and I both liked the gift, I ordered this set for additional rooms in our home. The set arrived as advertised. Easy to assemble and easy to install. I can’t speak as to the durability, but I am confident they will last a while and function as advertised. I really like that the two we received are totally different in shape and color. One is taller and almost white and I really like it the best. The other is shorter and has a really nice orange coral glow. We are very satisfied with this purchase and recommend this product.

  6. R. Krokowski

    Love these! Great price! Makes a great gift too, keep one for yourself and gift the other.
    Love the glow from these. Nice ambiance. Calming.
    If I’m stuffed up, I turn this on and the next morning, no more stuffiness.
    The only con: bigger than I expected.
    Would definitely buy again!

  7. Sterling

    There were a couple of issues when I first received my lamps. Originally, I ordered them for my husband’s health benefits. When I first got them, he gave me some grief about buying them. I told him that they’re supposed to have some therapeutic and esthetic benefits. I set them up on our bedroom night stand. The next thing I know, he’s got his on the next night and every night following! Sometimes he reminds me to turn my light on! The other issue was the lamps were different colors! I really liked the one that was on my husband stand. It looked a lot like the one pictured in the post. I decided to reorder them to see if another set would be like the ones pictured. Nope turned out the others looked like the one I didn’t want. I decided to call the company about my ordeal. I spoke to Talia. She was very professional and informed me on how to proceed. To my surprise, I received another lamp yesterday that looked similar to the one I liked! Thank you Talia for all of your help! The lamp you sent me is perfect! This company goes out of their way to satisfy their customers!

  8. Rosa

    I heard great reviews about the 2-pack and this company so I tried it. The ones in the mall were pretty expensive and I thought even if they were little I’d still get my monies worth at $19.99 for 2. I was surprised to tell you the both of mine were really big and beautiful. I have one in my family from and one in my bedroom. Now both my my kids want one for their rooms so it looks like after I write this review I will be placing another order. The packaging and delivering time was quick and nice. A million thanks.

  9. Mindy

    I actually got this as a Christmas present for my daughter’s she has been wanting one for a very long time if you could have seen the surprise look on my 26 year old daughter’s face when she opened it and started yelling oh Gosh I got one .. then when She plugged it in it is truly beautiful this product is awesome Thank you so much for making my daughter scream with happiness

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