Hot Shapers Men’s Cami Hot Shirt

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  • Get an instantly fit body by getting rid of that beer belly.
  • This slimming shapewear increases body thermal temperature to promote sweating, weight loss and fat burning in the abdomen area.
  • Start burning inches of your waist without intensive exercises or starving diets.
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Get your slim figure back and smoothen out those bulges. It’s so amazingly comfortable that you won’t even know you have it on. Experience the revolutionary effect for yourself. See how it firms, trims and tightens your upper torso, tones your muscles and stomach, and makes you look pounds slimmer. Wear this shirt to burn more calories, increase physical toughness and increase flexibility.

Unlike other men’s workout gear or compression shapewears, you can wear this top on its own because of its fashionable look. Hidden beneath this top is the technology that helps burn unwanted belly fat and live handles. No more love handles, muffin tops or beer bellies. This shirt fits snug, but is comfy and breathable enough to wear it wherever you go.

    • Get an instantly fit body by getting rid of that beer belly.
    • This slimming shapewear increases body thermal temperature to promote sweating, weight loss and fat burning in the abdomen area.
    • Start burning inches of your waist without intensive exercises or starving diets.


    • Achieve a more athletic, flatter and slimmer look.
    • This instaslim toner shirt, trims and tightens that bulging stomach, abdomen, love handles and lower back back for a leaner appearance.
    • Wear it and reduce your waist size to fit into your favorite pair of jeans or tailored business suits without any worries.


    • Fashionable and athletic design allows you to wear it anywhere and anytime of the day.
    • Wear it as an undergarment or outerwear – when you workout at the gym, go to the mall or are at the office.
    • It?s upper half made of soft polyester composite material, your underarms and upper body always remain cool.
    • It has no zippers so you’ll have freedom to move as you want.


    • It?s unique moisture absorbent material absorbs and sweat keeping you always dry on the outside.
    • You can use it for your day to day activities without anyone knowing you?re burning fat and calories.
    • Its unique thermal generating technology will help you get six-pack abs ripped.
  • No one will know your secret for becoming a sleeker and slimmer you! When worn during workout sessions, it is scientifically proven to facilitate sweating when compared to exercise without it. The super-slimming secret, waist reducer and core stabilizing compression panels target those key problem areas.
  • Amazing Results for You!
    • Relaxed fit for smooth comfort
    • Lean figure and smooth silhouette
    • Shapes waistline, builds abs and supports back
    • Slims to perfection
    • Stimulates muscular toning in the abdomen

    Slimming Solution for Your Man!

  • Does your man have body image issues?  Then this body shaping undershirt is what he deserves to have! Give him the perfect gift that he needs ? a body-toning slim wear! Empower your man to get sleek and be styled in streamlined comfort.Color: Black,

    Size: S, M, L, XL



Hot Shapers

Reviews (5)

5 reviews for Hot Shapers Men’s Cami Hot Shirt

  1. Taylors Review

    I wanted to get my husband something for Father’s Day and I thought this would definitely be the best gift as he works out everyday. He have been using it over a week now and lost almost like 2 pounds in two weeks with walking couple of miles. It’s very durable and it can be easily washed and dried… I would totally recommend this product to those who want to loose weight 😊👍🏼

  2. YoungRich

    Excellent product and will definitely recommend for people with determination to loose tummy fat. Pick up one size smaller and it will do the trick. I lost 4 pounds in two weeks with just walking a couple of miles wearing this 4 times a week. Easy to wash and dry. Dries in an hour on a hanger, for sure no calorie can be burnt while washing this product. Very durable. Will definitely buy again.

  3. Thomas P. Henry

    It can really make you sweat after a long hard workout, but trying to take it off right after you’re all sweaty from your workout is a major hassle. The fabric is very stretchy and elastic-like, it’s very hard to remove it from the collar and the arm holes without help from someone.

  4. heygomertoo

    I recommend this product to all my male friends. Its a snug fit but it does complete what it is designed for. While walking around in it before my work out I can feel the Cami hot generating heat in all the right places. I have been using this product for a few months and will soon need to purchase a smaller size due to the weight I have lost. Of course the Cami hot needs additional help like eating right and actually working out. It is def a super boost to my weight lose. Thank you Cami Hot!

  5. mscrim

    It will make you sweat as long as you are active, don’t expect it to make you sweat while you watch tv. even in cold enviroments you will sweat, if you keep your self active lol.
    The fitting was alright, I felt like it fit my chest better than my abdominal. It was kinda losse but I wouldn’t mind it since it still does its job to make me sweat more

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