Mueller Onion Chopper Pro Vegetable Chopper

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  • MAKES MEAL PREP EASY: just add veggies to the slicing grid and pull down the handle to cut vegetables easily
  • MORE THAN A VEGETABLE CHOPPER: quickly cut vegetables, fruits, meats, and cheeses for favorite recipes
  • INCLUDED: one (1) Onion Chopper
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Onion vapors are the worst. They make your eyes tear, which can be dangerous when you’ve got a sharp knife near your fingers. There’s an easy way to cut vegetables quickly and easily. Onion Chopper helps make your meal prep more efficient. Just roughly cut whatever you want to be chopped and place over the super-sharp steel cutting grid. Then, pull down the handle! Everything collects in a durable plastic collection container. Think about the time-consuming task of cutting vegetables to make salsa or your favorite sauces. Onion Chopper simplifies the task for you! Use it prepping for large family meals, scouting jamborees, or community events. Or breeze through chopping your ingredients for your favorite homecooked meals in a fraction of the time.

  • Helps reduce onion vapors
  • Collection container holds 4 cups or 1.2 liters
  • Made from BPA-free, food-grade ABS plastic
  • Ultra-sharp German 420-grade hardened steel blades
  • Chops with one easy motion
  • All parts dishwasher-safe
  • Great for family meals, community events, and scouting jamborees
  • Large grid (13.6 mm) works best with soft foods like tomatoes and peppers
  • Small grid (6.8 mm) works great with harder foods like potatoes
  • Use to prep salads, salsa, and more
  • Blades are EXTREMELY sharp – handle with care
  • Includes 2 blade inserts, collection container, and easy cleaning brush



Reviews (8)

8 reviews for Mueller Onion Chopper Pro Vegetable Chopper

  1. Marilyn Miller

    Very good cutter..have used quite few before of different brands and this one surpasses all.

    However just last week, i suddenly found that the top handle gave way from the hinge and now i can’t use it. Still confused how did this happen.

    But not sure what to do now, because it is being difficult to use.

  2. N. Darling

    I had the Vidalia chop wizard before and bought this to replace it. Going to go back to the chop wizard. This chopper cuts fine but is annoying to use. After you press the lid down, it locks in, you have to kind of unsnap it to do another vegetable. It just gets irritating to use and not as easy to clean. Have to take apart more pieces to clean. I will say it does the job but the other chopper I had was easier.

  3. Izzy

    Customer service is very responsive too – I had improperly tried to installed the blade insert and wrote negative feedback – it was my fault entirely – not paying attention – but their customer service quickly reached out and offered to replace the unit (I kept the one I have).

  4. annie

    I HATE chopping onions. I actually hate eating onions, too, but they’re easy enough to pick around. The chopping is what really gets me. My eyes always tear up and it’s painful. I’ve tried chewing gum and running water and all the old wives’ tales they tell you, but nothing really worked. Until this. It’s got a solid base, and lets you dice veggies like those dreaded onions with ease. It’s great for kids to help in the kitchen, or maybe those with arthritis who can’t chop as well with a chef’s knife. It’s easy to clean (just throw it int he dishwasher) and it comes with two different sizes of choppers. I was pleasantly surprised.

    I used to have a more expensive tool to do this job from one of those house party things, but I prefer this one. That had just one small cup, but this lets you cut up a lot more veggies at one time.

  5. Larry Warren

    This is my fourth chopper in four years. I wore two out and bought a third that just didn’t work. I need a chopper because I cook lots and have gotten spoiled by the convenience of a veggie chopper. I read every review for every chopper because I was determined to get the right one – after the disappointment of the last one. I ordered the Mueller and decided to give it a big workout and to send it right back if it was another disappointment. I made a big pot of Summer squash soup which involved chopping two onions, one leek and two squash. This little beauty flew through the whole ordeal. And the two choices of sizes made it great to go from onions (small) to squash (large). Another feature that I love is the removable pusher – usually a tough thing to clean. My last choppers had stationary pushers that meant cleaning them with a brush. This one comes out and goes right into the dishwasher. Oh yeah – I got as winner!!!!

  6. Charles D. Elchlepp

    I’ve only used this once…since it just arrived yesterday. There are some foods I love to eat but just hate preparing. It takes me a long time to dice and I like finely diced veggies. I love chopped salads but unless I am making enough to feed an army, it’s not worth using the food processor. I made a chopped salad with this thing in a matter of minutes. While it’s true I had to cut the veggies so they would fit, that is not an issue at all. Clean-up was a breeze. I have a beautiful chopped salad waiting for me. I ordered two, hoping I would like it. One goes in the motorhome. I will use this a lot. I am going to take this to my mother (85 years old) to see if she can use it. Arthritis makes dicing veggies difficult for her. If she can use it, I’ll order one for her as well.

  7. Pagoda Kid

    With an Austrian name like Mueller, you know that quality products are the name of the game. For decades, Austria and Germany have been renowned for their pride in engineering and manufacturing, and this little onion chopper is no exception. The thought, planning and design put into this excellent product are evident at first glance. Very high quality! Every part is perfectly planned out to fit together and work effortlessly; to come apart for ease of cleaning; then to quickly and precisely reassemble for use and storage. This is not your typical “Chinese” plastic piece of junk, which will shortly break and require replacement. This is a well engineered machine, designed to last for many years of trouble free service, and to perform its function perfectly. Mueller thought of everything when they produced this chopper, and I’m delighted that in this day and age, a company still cares enough about their customers to provide the very best product available.

  8. Spellchecker

    The reason I kept this onion chopper is how very sharp it is. It does cuts through the onions.
    I’m disappointed in the size. With it being a “Vidalia” onion chopper I thought it would be designed for onions. Most onions are NOT small.
    I have to cut the onions into 4 sections and then at times they’re still too large for the small cutter area and I do buy smaller sized onions as there are only two people in our household.

    It’s also disappointing that the container that receives the chopped onion does not have a measure on the side. My cheap, old cutter measured 1/2 cup, 1 cup, 2 cups, etc. when tipped onto the end of it. This has nothing and it would be so easy to have it printed onto the side. So, keep the sharpness, make it bigger, *maybe have the designer try chopping onions on it before the final design!) and put a measure on the container. Now, that would be a perfect onion chopper!

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