NUTRI SLICER 3-in1 Spinning/Rotating Mandoline and Countertop Food Slicer, Chopper, and Grater

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  • Easily grates hard, aged parmesan, and cleanly slices tender and soft ripe tomatoes.
  • Enhanced vaccumized base with manual latch safely glues NUTRISLICER in place.
  • Enforced spinning wheel rotates smoothly and easily even while grating the hardest cheese.
  • Dishwasher-safe; Included are the NutriSlicer User Guide, and 3 stainless-steel drums that remain sharp indefinitely.
  • Special instruction: When cutting fruits or vegetables, thicker slices are achieved by PUSHING DOWN on the food item being processed.
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NutriSlicer As Seen TV
Create healthy meals and snacks from scratch that everyone will like.
NutriSlicer is the perfect kitchen gadget for busy professionals or individuals
who want to simplify after-work life, because let’s face it – who wants to
spend 2 or more hours slicing, cutting, and washing after a long day
of work?

NutriSlicer allows you to whip up a meal in minutes, and our dishwasher
safe product makes clean up a breeze. Save time, and remain healthy
with the NutriSlicer.

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Nutri Slicer

Reviews (16)

16 reviews for NUTRI SLICER 3-in1 Spinning/Rotating Mandoline and Countertop Food Slicer, Chopper, and Grater

  1. Jennifer Giles

    Bought this to shred a bunch of potatoes and put in the freezer for hash browns later and it’s working great! So far I have done the cooked potatoes and mozzarella cheese , both with the large grater and it’s been a breeze. The suction comes off every once in a while but that’s not a big deal to me.

  2. Psyched

    I used this to slice n grate my veggies! I absolutely LOVE this product! Best purchase I have bought in a while that i was blown away with! The price alone was amazing! I cant say enough about this grater. It also has a lock on the bottom so it doesn’t move when u grate your veggies. Very sturdy i was definitely amazed and would 100% recommend this product especially for those that cook a lot! This product cuts my meal prep time in half and saves me so much time. Another plus is that its super easy to use and clean its hassle free!

  3. CZ

    needed a shreder to shred cheese for my wife. Got this. It is nice and works ok. BUT the suction bottom does not work. I mean, it does work and is not broken. But when you turn the handle, the suction will come off. I tried to make sure my counter was very clean and even made it a little wet. It seemed to stick. Thought that was the trick. Then snap and it was off the counter. I am not going to return it. Just know that I will need to not turn the handle so hard and push down ware while using.

  4. Bruce & Lisa

    This is a very good tool for grating carrots, hard cheeses, chocolate—a bit less effective in slicing a zucchini. It won’t replace your Cuisinart food processor, but it also doesn’t take up a whole cabinet or weigh 24 pounds. Used for limited tasks—a dinner for two, or a side dish, it works perfectly well, preps the food nicely and the price is unbeatable.

  5. Former Morrison

    Positives: light, small, attaches security to countertop. As noted by others, entirely plastic and feels flimsy.First task was grating carrots(not rocks) and job done but very slowly . Think chopping nuts will be my go to for this piece of equipment. Know why other products developed, but multi purpose, small appliance hard to find.

  6. EFS

    I’ve only used it for cheese so far but it’s easy to put together and fast at grating cheese. Looking forward to figuring out which vegetables I can use with it just so I can grate some stuff up. Wished it had a better suction grip on the counter but it works, just got to readjust the suction. Maybe I’m to excited to crank out shredded cheese? This thing is a handy gadget you didn’t know you were missing out on, so just buy it.

  7. R. Hammer

    This was a replacement grater after my last hand-held plastic grater busted into pieces on me. It feels very solid when assembled and stuck to the countertop. I was able to quickly grate a full block of cheese very after cubing it on a countertop. The long crank arm allows you to apply more torque and makes grating/slicing a breeze.
    Concerns: Apart from the cutting surfaces, its all plastic. I hope that this product was properly engineered to last through many years of use. Also, the clear plastic component of the assembly has a void that will fill with water when put through the dishwasher. Luckily, there is a cap over this void that can be popped off to drain it. I do worry about how many removal/install cycles this cap can last. I think this void should have a drain hole designed in.

  8. Chief1646

    the seller is fantastic, the article shipped fast, arrived perfectly, the problem is with the product itself, it falls apart constantly when you’re trying to grate cheese. The cheese gobs up inside and won’t come out, not at all what I expected and went back to my hand grater.

  9. Elizabeth Turner

    I needed a tool to shred cheese, but this does so much more with the slicing and grating barrels. It is easy to clean and works very well on cheese and vegetables.

  10. Brenda K. Spevak

    I have had several graters in the past and they all had problems with them. they either didn’t “stick” to the countertop or the handles broke. they were hard to clean. THIS one has NONE of those problems. I have used it to grate both hard and medium hard cheeses, sliced potatoes with ease, grated deems to do everything with ease. And clean up is exceptionally easy. I have ordered a second one for a gift.

  11. Amiraras

    I bought this grater to shred Fels-Naptha soap for homemade laundry soap. AND we make a lot of laundry soap for a food pantry which serves 500 families a month. While this will never be a $150 stainless grater, it does a fantastic job of grating the soap bars. I will be purchasing 2 more so we can get our work done faster. Great Investment!

  12. culturejamming

    I use this for cheese (parmesan and cheddar work equally great) and for grating up cauliflower into cauliflower rice. This works perfect for both of those. I tried it once for slicing cucumbers just because I was curious but it wasn’t pretty; my mandolin is better for that kind of slicing. If you’re looking to use this for cheese or riced vegetables, this is the tool for you. The suction works also great on my granite.

  13. Gillian

    I have only had the opportunity to use the cheese grater once. I bought this primarily for grating cheeses and my first experience grating parmesan and romano cheeses gave me what I expected, shredded cheese, not what I had hoped for, grated cheese. As I stated, this was not unexpected so I just ran the shredded cheese through a second time and it came out much closer to what I hoped for, a finer, not quite powdery cheese. Even with running the cheese through twice it was much quicker than using the hand held grater I have and much quicker clean up than dragging out the food processor. I have a little bit of concern that the handle moves around a bit while locked in place. Other than that I am please with the product.

  14. N. Turner

    I hate grating cheese but don’t want to use/eat the pre-shredded cheese because of what they use to keep it from clumping. THIS cheese grater makes grating cheese soooooooooo much easier and much faster! I can grate an entire block of cheese in about 3 minutes. LOVE IT! Easy to take apart, dishwasher safe and not too big to store…the only improvement I’d like to suggest is to make the “spout” longer so the cheese all falls into a bowl. The spout is a bit short., but other than that, it’s fantastic. I’ve already sent one as a gift to a friend who owns a BnB.

  15. JustJane

    Ok I don’t use the shredder for a lot of things, I just wanted one that work and not that expensive and that the motor don’t smell burnt or it do t shred . FINALLLY FINALLY, I use the shredder during the holiday I enjoy or when I am requested to Mac Mac and Cheese from SCRATCH, being hat I can’t do it with the old fashion shredder because of shoulder, neck and hand pain, I usually dread it. So I was on my FAVORITE SITE(Amazonj and searched found this one for a very reasonable price, ordered got it n 2days and yes I am very very happy to announce it really does work as what I read and as picture illustrated.

  16. Darkenmoon

    This gadget lets you grate buckets of cheese in minutes without leaving your hands aching or making a big mess for you to clean up. I love it! As easy to use as a food processor, but about a thousand times simpler to assemble, disassemble, and clean. I wondered if it would be worth the space in my smallish kitchen — the answer is YES, it sure is.

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