Power Floss – Air and Water Dental Flossing

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  • Air-propelled water jet blasts away debris
  • Quick and easy, just fill, point and press
  • No batteries or cords – use anywhere
  • Ergonomic design for easy access to every tooth
  • Perfect for people with braces or other orthodontic work
  • Great for people with limited hand mobility
  • Can be used by both adults and children
  • No waste and nothing to throw away
  • Fill with mouthwash for fresh breath
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Power Floss is the hygienic, water-powered solution to the hassle of daily flossing.

We all know we ought to floss twice a day for good dental hygiene but the pain, hassle and inconvenience of flossing puts many people off, especially children.

Bleeding gums, poor technique and difficulty reaching the more inaccessible areas of our teeth, all add up to make flossing a two-handed, messy chore.

Power Floss is a one-handed, water-powered, new way to floss that’s so easy to use even kids will love it.

Just fill it with water, point the ergonomically shaped nozzle right where you want to floss and press. The accurate, powerful water flosser will flush away debris from hard-to-reach areas that brushing and even traditional flossing can often neglect. 

Thanks to air infusion technology, when you press down, the air propels the water in a powerful stream that helps remove plaque-causing debris. No cords, no batteries, Power Floss is powered by air, so there’s nothing to plug in or charge and you can use Power Floss anywhere, anytime for as long and as often as you like.

Power Floss is great for kids and adults, with braces or other orthodontic work, because unlike traditional floss, it doesn’t need to slide up between the teeth. It just shoots its jet right where you need it most. It’s also ideal for people with sensitive gums, crowns, implants and other dental work because you control the power, and with its low profile tip and ergonomic design, your back teeth are easy to reach.

You can even fill power floss with your favourite mouthwash to get fresh breath and anti-plaque cleaning right at the gum line and between the teeth.



Power Floss

Reviews (3)

3 reviews for Power Floss – Air and Water Dental Flossing

  1. Roy D

    …but other than that, and the fact that it really obstructs the faucet, it’s a pretty cool little tool, and I’m still using it when I can’t get to the better irrigator in the other bathroom, though I grumble about the awkwardness of the part that hangs down from the faucet, and about the off taste of the water that comes through the irrigator. My spouse won’t use it for that reason. I think they must’ve manufactured it using recycled plastic, and that doesn’t seem like a good idea for something that goes into your mouth. It tastes like old detergent bottles and, frankly, a bit like garbage. I have to rinse my mouth out a lot after using it. I wish they’d make it with good quality materials and then it’d be winner.

  2. Zootal

    After two Hydrofloss irrigators, recommended by my dentist, I found this item far superior. Both Hydrofloss pumps failed with less than six months of use. Took it apart–cheap pump. The Glacier Floss relies on home water pressure, which is very adequate, saving parts prone to failure. Materials are of good quality and I have used it successfully for six months. And, it’s half the price!

    The only limitation is that you can’t mix in peroxide or mouthwash, but since that is apparently not good for the pumps in the reservior type irrigators it may not be a good idea anyway. Oh, and of course, it’s permanently attached to your faucet, but far less cluttering than the reservior style like the Hydrofloss on you sink.

    UPDATE: Having previously bought replacement tips from the manufacturer, I find that it is no longer possible to contact them (website gone, numbers disconnected, no web search results). While their tips last several year their device last much longer, so you’ll have to toss it or buy another product now.

  3. Julia M.

    I had one & it worked great, but it broke after about 2 weeks. I contacted the seller and had to pay a few bucks to get a new one (was about 5-6 bucks S&H, they only covered part of the cost). The new one worked great and over a year later, still does. I sometimes use it twice a day. I got braces and this gets out anything you want it to and the pressure is insane given that it’s controlled by your faucet and goes down to a tiny spray. You’ll want to start off on very low pressure till your gums get used to it, but now, I keep that baby on full blast to clean my chompers. Only reason it doesn’t get a 5 cause the first one did break. If not for that, perfect 5.

    Oh, and my dentist complimented me on my gums. First time I’ve ever heard that!

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