Reheatza Microwave Crisper, As Seen on TV

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  • Reheatza gives you oven quality crispiness straight from the microwave.
  • Heating pan will crisp your food items in a matter of minutes
  • Perfect for pizza, leftovers, chicken wings, sandwiches, hamburgers and much more!
  • Not dishwasher safe, fits most microwaves with a turntable
  • Minimum Microwave Interior Dimensions: 12.5” L X 12.5” W X 5” H – Pan Diameter: 10
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Oven-Quality Crispiness Straight From the Microwave

Microwave Energized Heating Pan, Converts Microwave Energy into Conductive Heat

Finally, you can now microwave pizza with crispy crust, perfectly melted cheese, and gently warmed toppings. No more soggy snacks or crust.

Perfect for frozen and leftover pizza, grilled cheeses, eggs, bacon, and much more.

Toasted Sandwiches- Grilled CheeseLeftoversChicken WingsHamburgersPizza RollsFresh VeggiesFrozen Foods



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Reviews (6)

6 reviews for Reheatza Microwave Crisper, As Seen on TV

  1. Mario Villasenor

    I bought this for my kids to use when microwaving left over pizza or anything that will leave microwave a mess. This product arrives in the manufacturer’s box. It was easy to assemble and the inside is nonstick. Easy to use and wash. The rehatza is true to size on description so it fit in my medium size microwave with no issue. I also use it to keep food warm after microwave and leave it on my kitchen table for my kids when they are slow to come to dinner table.

  2. ahlamie

    I hate how long it usually takes for my to cook chicken nuggets or pizza in the oven. Plus living in Arizona, I try to avoid oven cooking as much as possible because it makes the house so hot. This is such a great solution to my problem. It is perfect for making a quick lunch or dinner for the kiddos with very minimal cleanup. I find that it does crisp (although not as well as the oven obviously) up enough for my kids to not complain about it . I just wish it was dishwasher safe. I find the instructions to be pretty straightforward, but you do need to make sure to follow them correctly.

  3. christine dean

    We wanted to be able to try this for heating up foods that need to be crispy without the use a toaster/toaster oven. We got it in and tried different types of foods on it. Pizza slices weren’t soggy on the bottom at all. Nicely heated up rolls and even small meatballs. Must read booklet though. I found: you must heat it up without the lid on first for 2 minutes (or less), then heat the food for 2 minutes or less WITH THE LID. Then remove the lid to heat the top of the food item. 30-60 seconds usually does the trick. Despite having to figure that out, it is GREAT! and I highly recommend it especially if you don’t have access to use a toaster/oven/stove.

  4. Emily Cole

    I was so excited to try the Reheatza! We often have leftover pizza and the time it takes to heat up an oven to get the pizza crispy again, just takes too long. This product came packaged nicely and the directions were easy to follow. I first tried it with frozen chicken nuggets as I was curious if it could cook these quickly as well. I was pleased with the results, as they did come out crispy. I think it will take some trial and error and figuring out exactly how many minutes and seconds for every type of food. When I reheated my pizza this weekend, even my husband was impressed and quickly turned the oven off when he saw how crispy mine turned out. I will say, the crust on the bottom can get very hot and crispy if you cook it too long. Mine even got a little burnt in the middle, but clearly it was doing it’s job. I just need to figure out the perfect amount of time to cook it.
    Overall, I love it and would highly recommend it!

  5. Virginia904

    First thing I tried was left over pizza and usually I have that cold right out of the box but doing it this way was great it came out nice and melted with crisp crust and it didn’t taste like microwaved pizza! 10/10 would reheat my leftovers.

  6. azara

    Overall I really like the Reheatza. Our microwave isn’t a 1200 w so we had to increase our pre-heat and cooking times. I was able to make grilled cheese in it, (make sure to use two slices of cheese) and it toasted the bread nicely. Our pizza slices reheated fantastically with a nice crisp crust and toppings that tasted like they were just out of the restaurant oven!

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