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Spin Super Maid – Rechargeable, Cordless, Powered Floor Cleaner Scrubber Polisher Mop


  • Cordless and rechargeable: clean the entire house with a charge
  • Reusable cleaning pads: change quickly and easily
  • Professional technology: simple and affordable fact
  • Clean and polish all hard surfaces: Use in wood, tiles, marble, stone and more
  • Includes: SpinMaid, 2 scrubber pads, 2 microfiber pads, built-in lithium-ion battery and AC charging adapter


Clean and polish like the professionals! Those who see Spin Maid for the first time, all say the same thing: “Where has this been and why was this product not manufactured before?” The professional units use the same technology and have for years. Spin Maid provides similar function at an affordable price for you and makes cleaning and polishing much easier. If you do not have a Spin Maid yet, you really do not know what is missing. From the moment you turn it on, the results will be obvious. The time saving is tremendous. So many “mops”, “motorized mops” or even micro fiber floor cleaners lose their mark. With Spin Maid you will not have to worry about batteries, patented fluid refills or disposable paper refills. Have a bottle of your favorite cleaner on hand and simply spray the area where you want Spin Maid to clean it. Whether you are doing deep cleaning or simply doing basic maintenance to remove dust and fingerprints, the choice of cleaning pads is yours.

Rechargeable, wireless, Spin Maid will be cleaned for up to one hour with ONE load

Double spinning heads remove dirt and do all the work so you do not have to

Clean evenly while moving on the surface of your floor

Ideal for those suffering from arthritis Gently for pine and laminate floors

The future of floor care now is with Spin Maid


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