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Studio Glow – Cordless professional make-up lighting


  • 4 ultra-bright LED lights with Quad-Light technology
  • Turn any mirror in to a professional make-up mirror
  • Cordless, no messy wires
  • Attaches to any mirror with powerful suction cups
  • Perfect natural lighting for make-up application
  • Portable and great for travel
  • Stylish chrome finish that blends with the mirror



Cordless professional make-up lighting

Studio Glow clearly and evenly illuminates the face for flawless make-up anywhere. Studio Glow is quick and easy to attach to any mirror, thanks to its cordless, battery-powered design and 3 reliable suction cups on the rear that let you stick Studio Glow right where you need it. Plus, the chrome finish means it blends beautifully into the mirror’s surface giving it that built-in professional make-up light look! Studio Glow lights up your whole face using Quad-Light technology that removes all those nasty dark shadows. With Studio Glow you won’t have to suffer from blotchy foundation and uneven eye shadow anymore.

4 ultra-bright LED lights illuminate your whole face

Studio Glow’s 4 ultra-bright LEDs lights have a natural daylight-matching colour temperature of 5400 Kelvins, so your skin tone and make-up colours look unaltered and your face is naturally, evenly lit. The secret is the Quad-Light technology which gives you the most natural even illumination for perfect makeup application in any room. This bright-but-soft, diffused natural illumination means that your foundation, highlights and shading will look natural and true to the naked eye. Applying makeup with Studio Glow lets you see exactly how other people will see your makeup. From internal lighting, to bright sunny outdoor settings and shade, you can trust that you’ll look stunning, indoors or out!

Attaches to any mirror with powerful suction cups

Three reliable suction cup holders allow you to quickly and safely attach Studio Glow to any mirror or smooth surface. This way you get all that light exactly where you need it, lighting up your whole face, but without cords, hard clips or fixings that could damage or even crack the mirror’s surface.

Take-anywhere, professional portable make-up lighting

Studio Glow fits in your purse or bag, perfect make-up touch ups whether you’re in a bar, in the office or getting ready at home in front of your favourite mirror.


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