Wobble Wag Giggle Ball, Dog Toy, As Seen on TV

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– Shake the ball and act excited to show your dog the noises it makes. This will encourage them to play with the ball to hear the noises.

– Each time your dog gets the ball to make a noise, say things like ‘Good boy!’.

– Sometimes you may want to reward play with treats.

– The Wobble Wag Giggle ball will soon become your dog’s favorite toy!

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Wobble Wag Giggle Keeps Dogs Happy, Healthy, and Fit! Wobble Wag Giggle Dog Toy is an interactive toy allows dogs to entertain themselves! It makes fun giggly noises when pushed around, shaken around, or picked up by the easy clutches. Wobble Wag Giggle Dog Toy helps keep dogs fit and healthy even when they don’t get to go out and run around! No batteries required.



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7 reviews for Wobble Wag Giggle Ball, Dog Toy, As Seen on TV

  1. Herman Lee

    My male dog takes this ball EVERYWHERE with him, he absolutely loves this ball. Unfortunately the quality of this ball & the price isn’t loved. My boy will be 5yrs old, we got him his first balls when he was a few months old, he’s had at least 10 of these balls… Always the same issue too the ball starts falling apart inside with the pupple noisy tubes leaving holes in ball… Which is why I stopped buying them, until 2 months ago when I saw it on here (Amazon) for slightly cheeper, but still same crummy quality, which is why I won’t ever buy another one again, which will surely break my boys heart but I’m not throwing money out the window with this product

  2. Judy Daniels

    Ok. I have a full bred American Bulldog and he can destroy most toys in a matter of minutes. I’ve never seen anything like it. I subscribe to a monthly toy service for aggressive chewers and half the time get the toys replaced for free because he still destroys them in a day. I have now purchased four of these balls (I have another large dog but not an aggressive chewer). I got them each one from meijer last Christmas and they have lasted an entire year and have provided much entertainment for my dogs. They love these! They are made of hard plastic that has held up to a year of chewing. I just bought them new ones this year for Christmas when I found them on amazon. When the ball rolls it squeaks. it’s like watching my dogs play soccer – hilarious.

  3. anon0me

    My 65lb chocolate lab LOVES this ball and I get an immense amount of entertainment watching him as he pounces around chasing this giggling ball. He wears himself out just batting this ball around making it giggle. The reason I took 1 star off though is because the plastic that it is made with is definitely not the most durable. He has punctured a few holes and made LOTS of scratches and gouges from his attempts to pick it up and throw it around. Other than that, a great toy for him and a hilarious show for me.

  4. Roslynd Lunaire

    I’m going to give this five stars for now. It may change depending on how long this actually lasts my power chewers. I have three English Bulldogs and if I don’t keep up with buying them toys they tear my house apart. So this month in the toys I ordered I decided to try this Ball. It makes a funny noise when it moves and my dogs have been throwing this all around the house instead of trying to destroy it. I may have to hide it when I sit down to watch tv tonight but they are happy so that makes me happy.

  5. RMKohl16

    This is a slightly smaller version of the old Wiggly Gigglys (the Wobble Wag is maybe 1/2″ smaller in diameter). There’s a couple more sound makers within it compared with Wiggly Giggly. Because of the similar size, the Wiggly Giggly ball covers still work, it’s just a little loose with the Wobble Wags. You might try wrapping the ball with a layer of fabric to make them fit better.

    I am astonished at some of the negative reviews, saying that the toy didn’t hold up to chewing – this isn’t a chew toy…. it shouldn’t be left out for unsupervised use. Or that their dogs are afraid of it (on the assumption that every toy appeals to every dog?). I have not seen the TV ads so I don’t know for sure, but it sounds like the complaints are with the marketing of the toy rather than the toy itself, or unrealistic expectations on the consumer’s part.

  6. Handy Home Helper

    I ordered this after my my German Shepherd puppy went crazy when he saw the commercial for the Wobble Wag Giggle Ball (yes, he watches TV, especially when there’s dogs). He got so excited when he heard the noised this toy makes I thought he was going to jump through the TV screen! When I got the toy both of my dogs were so excited to play with it, but the puppy chewed it up before my Pit even had a chance to play with it. It still makes the noises even with a big chunk missing, but it is made of a harder plastic so I have to keep taking it away so my boys don’t swallow the pieces. Great dog toy, especially for dogs who won’t destroy it immediately!

  7. Lichen

    We’ll, my 7 year old, 100lb lab-Rottweiler mix LOVES this thing but as you can see, it’s not as durable as we had hoped. We got it at walmart and I called the company directly when it was demolished two weeks later and they are now sending a replacement for free and didn’t even ask me to prove I ever bought one, so customer service is good. We’re going to try the replacement as it may be the bigger one and they said there could have been a small crack or defect w this one but I’m not holding my breath. If you have a dog that doesn’t really chew or is smaller, it’s a must though! I like that he even plays with it on his own – something to do when we are at work!

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